Position Description:

The Full Stack Engineer with Plasmatic Technologies is a position that covers the full array of technologies being used by the company. This includes the device hardware which is being designed in-house, firmware design, Linux-based software design, connecting devices in the cloud, and cloud computing. As such, proficiency in software development both at front end and back end is important, as well as being able to leverage those skills into some firmware development.
We realize that applicants may only be proficient in some of the areas below, but they should be interested in learning about the other areas where they may not have as much experience.

Required Technical Skills:

Applicants should have 1-2 years of work experience.

The following technology skills are essential to success:

  • NodeJS

  • NoSQL databases

  • React front end

  • Linux OS

  • AWS Development and Management

  • Some embedded systems experience in C

  • Git and Source code management

  • Ability to flow chart and design architectures- Ability to troubleshoot both hardware and software

Required Characteristics:

We are a collaborative team with a commitment to continued learning, and we love working with technology.
Individuals should have an insatiable desire to learn, an eagerness to grow above and beyond their current level of experience, and be great communicators.
A successful candidate should be able to:

  • Work independently with a focus on deadlines and deliverables within a team context

  • Perform technology research and presentation of results

  • Independently troubleshoot problems and determine root cause

  • Dive into routine tasks (as we all must at times)

  • Be willing to provide leadership when presented with projects or tasks

  • Work collaboratively across business groups and skillsets

  • Provide energy and encouragement to others with willingness to help others succeed and improve

  • Communicate designs and design suggestions with engineering staff as well as across the company

  • Consider design constraints from multiple points of view (marketing, industrial design, business costs, consumer values)

Please submit you resume to joinus@plasmatic.ai