Creating Value from the Connected Home

Leverage Connected Home data for cross-platform insight, differentiated services, and operational benefits 

The Alana Connected Home System is compatible with all major device companies (Amazon, Google, Samsung, Nest). It provides service providers with the ability to develop Smart Home service offerings and programs that enhance brand, profitability, and the customer experience. 

Smart Home devices lack unified control, which leads to underutilization of data. By combining deep integration of relevant ecosystems and data sets with an industry-optimized insights engine, our solution brings Connected Home advantages to the domain of the customer-focused enterprise. 


The Smart Home is a fragmented space. Devices lack unified control, and that lack of communication between them leads to the underutilization of massive stores of data. By combining deep integration of relevant ecosystems and data sets, advanced Machine Learning, and an industry-optimized home insights engine, our solutions bring Connected Home advantages to the domain of the customer-focused enterprise. 

The Alana Connected Home System is compatible with connected devices customers are already adopting. It provides service providers with the ability to efficiently develop and deploy Smart Home service offerings and programs that enhance their brand, profitability, and the customer experience. The system's modular design is comprised of the Alana platform, intuitive user facing apps, and broad support for connected devices. 


Machine Learning is applied to large volumes of raw heterogeneous data to provide a timely and contextualized view of the home, and the customer.


We provide forward-thinking service providers and their customers with unique capabilities to benefit from the rapid growth of Connected Home devices and the volumes of valuable data they produce.  

Access data and insights in real-time as they occur between all connected home devices to gain a whole-home understanding of your customers 

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Position the enterprise to face market disruption head-on by creating mutual benefits for both you and your customers 

Provide intuitive mobile experiences that leverage data to encourage behaviors which align with mutual interests 

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